History of Enfield Scout Groups

Over the past 100 years some Groups in Enfield have closed, merged with other Groups, or transferred to other Districts. This is why there are some gaps in the present numbering system of Groups. Rather confusingly some numbers have been used several times and some Groups have changed their number! The table below summarises the comings and goings of Scout Groups in Enfield.

Group Location Date founded/re-formed Disbanded/merged Notes
1st Enfield St. James 27/08/1908 Barnabus pack formed 1972 disbanded 1996? 2014 merged with 27th to become 28th
2nd Enfield St. Michael's 1909 Disbanded 11/7/14. Reformed 1915/16 Amalgamated with 7th Enfield St Paul’s Presbyterian 1917-18.Disbanded 1923. London Diocese
2nd Enfield Enfield Methodist 1923 Merged with 15th 1982
3rd Enfield Hertford Rd Congregational Hall 1909 Originally numbered 6th Enfield
3rd Enfield St Peter & St Paul 1909 Disbanded 1917-18. Re-formed 1919.In abeyance Oct 1936 – Feb 1944 Troop Disbanded 1963 ish Reformed 1974. Originally 1st Ponders End
3rd Enfield Ordnance Road Methodist Church, Enfield Lock 1977 Disbanded due to lack of leaders end of December 2017. Air Scouts from about 1979.
4th Enfield Baker St. Mission Hall, then Gordon Rd. 1911
5th Enfield St Paul’s Presbyterian And St Marks Bush Hill Park 17/10/1909 First Cub Pack in Enfield formed 16/5/18 Moved to St Marks 8/7/1911
5th Enfield St Marks Bush Hill Park 1926
Disbanded 1926 & reformed same year. Re-registered 1933 as church group. Disbanded 64/66 reformed 71/72
6th Enfield Chase Farm School 1913-14 Disbanded 1933 London Diocese
6th Enfield St. Luke’s 1935 2014 merged with 13th to become 29th See also 12th Enfield
7th Enfield St Matthew’s 1910
7th Enfield St Paul’s Presbyterian 28/09/1915 Amalgamated into 2nd 1917-18
7th Enfield St Joseph’s Home, Holtwhites Hill 10/12/1923 Dormant 1944-50
7th Enfield Salvation Army 28/09/1955 31/03/1957
7th Enfield Emmanuel Baptist, Baker St. Nov 1957 ?1960s Merged with 12th Enfield on closure
8th Enfield Botany Bay 1915
8th Enfield Ponders End Methodist 1932 Amalgamated with 1st, 14th and 17th during Second World War
9th Enfield Brigadier Hill Mission July 1916 1918-19
9th Enfield St. John’s Clay Hill 16/02/1946 Feb 1956 (Except 1943 -49) .Cub Pack re-formed at St. John’s 1949 Transferred to 20th 1956
9th Enfield St. Peter’s Grange Park 1943 1947
9th Enfield St. John’s Clay Hill 16/02/1946 Feb 1956 (Except 1943 -49) Cub Pack re-formed at St. John’s 1949 Transferred to 20th 1956
9th Enfield Alma Rd School March 1965 ? closed 1970 to become 13th B Sponsored by St Mary’s RC Church, Nags Head Rd.
10th Enfield Enfield Baptist Church 22 June 1918 Air Scouts in 1940. Sea Scouts after 1950 when 18th Enfield closed
11th Enfield Church Choir Troop ? Location: Lincoln Rd then Alma Road 10th July 1918
09/04/1923 Formed from 7th Re registered as open group 1923 -13/09/26 Reorganised 24/03/27
11th Enfield St. Matthew’s Ponders End 1945 Transferred from London Diocese 1945
12th Enfield Wesleyan 1918
12th Enfield St. Luke’s, Later Lancaster Rd 1929 1936
12th Enfield St. Michael’s 1940
13th Enfield Cecil Road Sunday School July 1918, Rovers 1920, Cubs 1930 31/08/1943
13th Enfield St. George’s RC Church Merged with 6th to become 29th Formed B pack 70/71 Closed B pack 72/73
14th Enfield St Georges 27/12/1927 Reformed 1945-46 Combined with 8th, 16th & 17th 1942 at Chesterfield and Eastfield schools
15th Enfield St Pauls Presbyterian Church Cubs June 1928, Scouts 1929/30 Merged with 2nd 1982
16th Enfield Enfield House 27/10/1930 06/1935 Originally mentally handicapped group
16th Enfield Brimsdown 01/05/1939, Cubs 1950 Open group. Moved from Albany Church to Ordnance Road Methodist Easter 2018 for the bigger hall.
17th Enfield Ordnance Rd Weslyan Methodist Church 24/01/1932
17th Enfield Bush Hill Park School 29/03/1949 Pack 1953, 1963/64 Troop
18th Enfield Chase Side Methodist
Scotland Green Depot
16/11/1932 1933/34 Troop added, June 37 amalgamated with 2nd, 05/06/1942 reformed as Sea Scouts, Cubs added 1945, 31st March 1950 – boys transferred to 10th Enfield
19th Enfield St Mary’s, Meet Slades Hill 1935
20th Enfield Jesus Church Forty Hill Originally” Forty Hill”, “Jesus Church” from 1950.
21st Enfield Suffolks school then Carterhatch School, also Cub Pack at Brimsdown School 27/11/1942 as Air Scouts, Sept 1945 Cub Pack, Senior Scouts 1947 June 2013 See also 27th Enfield
22nd Enfield Eastfield Rd. School, then part at Turkey St., then Durants School Oct 1945 Troop closed 1978/9, Troop reformed 1981, Group closed 1987 See also 25th Enfield
23rd Enfield St. Stephen’s, Bush Hill Park 1923 Previously 183rd North London
24th Enfield St. Peter’s, Grange Park 23/01/1954 1969/70 Previously 9th Joined 12th Southgate in 69/70
25th Enfield Turkey St. April 1954 Formed from 1 Pack and 1 Troop of the 22nd Enfield, Game Pack formed 69/70
26th Enfield St. Giles, Bullsmoor Lane 24/11/1954, Cub Pack started 1956/7 1963/64 Originally Scout Troop only
27th Enfield Carterhatch School 13/06/1957 Cub Pack only 1967/68 Merged with 21st
27th Enfield Alma Road April 1986 2014 merged with 1st to become 28th Formed from 21st (Brimsdown) Pack & Colony
28th Enfield Alma Road 2014 Formed from a merger of the 1st and 27th.
29th Enfield Halifax Road 2014 Formed from a merger of the 6th and 13th.