Nights Away Permit Assessments

These notes have been prepared to assist leaders applying for a ‘Nights Away’ permit in the Enfield District. The Nights Away Advisors (NAA) will answer any questions you may have, they are there to help you as well as carry out the assessment. The actual assessment will be done using the Scout Association fact sheet produced for this purpose by headquarters.

Please note that attendance at a ‘Nights Away Training Course’ is not a pre-requisite to being assessed and gaining a permit. So if you have prior experience of taking young people away with another organisation you may be able to get your permit just by being assessed. If you think this might apply to you please contact the NAA for advice. Examples of other organisations that might have given you the necessary experience include: Schools, Boys Brigade, Girl Guides, Cadets Forces etc.

It is recommended that the following points be followed:

Please remember that you must have a permit holder present during the camp to oversee how it is run because you have not yet got your permit. The permit holder should act as a member of your team and not take charge unless they see something that might be harmful to the wellbeing of those camping.

When the NAA visit they will take a couple of hours of your time to complete the assessment so please be aware that you need enough helpers to be able to cover this.

Once the assessment is complete the NAA will tell you immediately if they are going to recommend you for a permit. Please note however that the final decision rests with the District Commissioner. If the NAA decides not to recommend you for a permit they will give you feedback as to why.

A printable version of these guidelines can be obtained by clicking here.

The members of the Nights Away Advisor Team are Phil and Graham Gardener, Martin Covington and Roger Gleave. They can be contacted by emailing'.