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Leader Training

Adult leader training is provided by the County. Click here to open the County Training Webpage in a new window.

Policies and Documents

Swine Flue Policy - Overseas Travel Assistance Policy - Jack Petchey Application Form - GDPR Policy

Nights Away Permit Assessment

Guidance on gaining a 'Nights Away Permit' can be found here.


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Enfield District Scarves

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1st Enfield (closed)   2nd Enfield   3rd Enfield   4th Enfield  
5th Enfield   6th Enfield (closed)   8th Enfield   10th Edmonton  
10th Enfield   12th Enfield   13th Enfield (closed)   14th Enfield  
16th Enfield   18th Edmonton   19th Enfield   20th Edmonton  
20th Enfield   23rd Enfield   24th Edmonton   27th Enfield (closed)  
28th Enfield   29th Enfield   Everest ESU  
Network   Explorers   District